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Sol Healing uses 100% organic ingredients and simple packaging to make going all-natural affordable. Blended with love in Britain, our products are a healthier, more balanced way to look after your health, your skin and your pets.

For every body

With no parabens or SLS (sodium laurel sulphate), Sol Healing is ideal for people with eczema, psoriasis and sensitive skin. Our products are suitable for everyone over 3 years old. Sol Healing is the perfect alternative to chemical-laden products that fill supermarket shelves.
We never take shortcuts. Ingredients are carefully sourced from independent farms. We only use natural preservatives. And our finished products are made using traditional methods in Britain. We make the best natural healthcare affordable.

Safe, organic pet products

Our all-natural pet range won’t hurt puppies or kittens if accidentally swallowed. We are trusted by pet owners across the UK and have even supplied the Queen’s corgis.

Founded by Hina Solanki SNHS Dip (Aromatherapy)

Hina Solanki began specialising in natural medicine when her son was born, over 15 years ago. Hina wanted purer health products for her child’s ailments, to use alongside conventional medicine when necessary. Following a health scare, she was determined to cut down on harsh chemicals in her own cosmetics products. And as a true animal lover, she wanted to find all-natural products for all of our furry friends.
Sol Healing products are the products Hina wished she could find back then. These products have helped Hina to cure her own stiff joints, look after her pets more safely and keep harsh chemicals away from her son.
Created using Hina’s years of research and experience, our products promote healing from within the mind, body and soul.

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