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Healing Balm is  100% natural and  was orgininaly formulated to help heal Permanent make up.

Powerful natural organic healing balms. Paraben and sls free.

Packed with  pure healing ingredients which will aid the healing process and keeps the new enhancement moisturized but also calms the skin. It will also revive older permanent makeup and tattoo's.
The balm will aid healing and has antibacterial properties, anti-flammatory, reduce itching, dryness and redness.
A must have product for aftercare.
Buy enough though as they will want to come back and buy more. 

The mini pots are  now a top selling product for dry lips, cracked heals, eczema,minor burns and great for cuticles too.

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Healing balms 6ml x 12
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Healing Balm 10ml x 6
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6ml Healing Balm
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Healing Balm 20ml
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